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New: b.1999) Griffin is a self-taught, contemporary artist based in South Florida who uses her art as a tool of self-expression in which she can explore her thoughts and feelings about the world around her. Jade takes pictures of popular imagery such as cartoons, celebrities, magazine covers, and popular culture and combines the images with her imagination to create an alternate, abstracted reality that mimics aspects of herself while also adding her commentary about society, identity, and capitalism. As seen in her work, Griffin uses a combination of abstraction and figuration to build upon her artistic language as well as her fluent and compelling use of different mediums within every piece. Griffin proclaims the personality and the plot of her work are sources driven by her life experiences, culture, music, and everyday life. Griffin's work has had Solo exhibitions featured at the Alliance for the Arts Gallery(2023), at Fogartyville Media Center in Fogartyville Florida (2023), in an Artist Residency At The Art Ovation Hotel In Sarasota Florida(2023), and in an A Group Art Exhibition Panel Discussion with Fabulous Art Foundation in Collaboration with WSLR Community Radio March 2023. 

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