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Whether it be by my choice of colors, abstract gestures, or subject matter, I am naturally drawn to creating art that draws me closer to my inner child while also allowing me to express my thoughts about society and today's culture.

About My Work 

 I like to use specific images from pop culture as a reference point to a certain extent in practice to get my point across when it comes to expressing how I feel about humanity. On the surface, I make radical, aesthetically pleasing work but in reality, I see my work as an extension of my inner being and as a unique distinction of my place within the art world and in society. Especially with the constant representation of the bull and dog figures that constantly appear in my paintings. I see them as different representations of sides of myself. I like to use a combination of materials to create my paintings and drawings like acrylic paint, colored pencils, pencils, and pastels to create texture and contrast in my paintings. These mediums alone make me feel connected to my inner child as I create my paintings. I hope that through my work you can see aspects of my personality and the way that I see the world. The curious, adventurous, witty, and underlying truth that lies within my work. I make my art in hopes of making others feel while opening others up to a new way of seeing art while offering fresh commentary about identity, representation, society, and modern art.

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