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The Energetic Dancers

Project type

Materials used : Acrylic paint and colored pencil on 12in x 16in canvas.


February 2023

The original purpose of my piece "The Energetic Dancers" was to show the grace, athleticism, and movement of the body through dance. Specifically in this piece, ballerinas. However, when looking at dancing, I find that moving our bodies can create a sense of connection with another person and even with ourselves. We can even say that when we begin to move our bodies to a particular song or rhythm, it becomes a spiritual experience that starts to move through us while uplifting our spirits. Additionally to music, the act of dancing has the power to uplift our mood and make us feel good when we witness it or dance ourselves. Oftentimes, I also believe that dancing can evoke a specific emotion. It can also convey a sense of intimacy or vulnerability within us.

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