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Hotels-Models14015 2_edit_new 2.jpg



6x4 1/2 inch Poster card.


Acrylic paint, soft pastel, and black ink pen.


July 2022

During the creation of this piece, I've created this story about a woman who is a hopeless romantic when it comes to dating. She often wonders why she is left high and dry from her dating partners only after months of being with them.
She always wanted more but it seemed like no one was able to match her commitment. I'm showing her in her most vulnerable state after an intimate moment with an uncommitted partner.
She is shown with a mild expression on her face, while deep down no words can express her emotional and mental state after knowing her partner wasn't meant to stay. I show the different stages of pleasure, anger and disappointment across her intimate area indicating a story to be told that her mind can't comprehend.

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